Did you know that almost half of the UK population (45.7% of men and 50.1% of women) reported having a long-standing health problem? Unfortunately, this concerning health trend is happening at the same time that underfunded public health services are becoming increasingly backlogged and difficult to access.

At Nutrition Diets, we recently decided to leverage technology and its influence on healthcare delivery and become a fully online functional medicine clinic. By embracing this digital transition we have been able to enhance our services, making them more efficient, accessible and affordable to a larger number people across the country who are in need of support.

In this month’s blog we explore the realm of online therapy, why we made the switch, how it impacts the therapy process and the patient-practitioner relationship, and explain the many benefits it offers our clients.

Almost half of the UK population (45.7% of men and 50.1% of women) reported having a long-standing health problem.

The Transition To Online Therapy

We first began transitioning our clinical services to the online space after COVID-19, as we sought to maintain support for our clients’ health and wellbeing amidst the lockdown restrictions and heightened concerns about immunity, respiratory issues, and cardiovascular health. This shift to virtual therapy not only prioritised the safety of our clients and staff but also introduced a new level of accessibility and convenience.

As both our clinic and clients acclimated to this new workflow, and society increasingly embraced remote work and virtual connectivity, the benefits of online therapy became apparent. The vast majority of our clients highlighted the advantages of saving time and money with online consultations and at-home health testing, as well as the ease and convenience of scheduling therapy sessions around their daily lives.

As the world started to open again, we found that our clients preferred the comfort and practicality of online therapy, and as a result, we decided to transition our services to a virtual platform full time to embrace the evolving needs of our clients and the changing landscape of healthcare.

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How Does Online Therapy Impact the Patient-Practitioner Relationship?

The patient-practitioner relationship is an essential component of any type of therapy as it forms the foundation for effective treatment outcomes. It fosters trust, rapport, and open communication, allowing clients to feel understood, supported, and empowered in their healing journey. This relationship facilitates collaboration, encourages adherence to treatment plans, and enhances overall satisfaction with therapy, leading to better therapeutic outcomes and improved wellbeing for clients.

When we first made the shift to online consultations, we were somewhat apprehensive about how the patient-practitioner dynamic would be affected. Would it create a barrier not being in the same room together? Would it compromise the sense of trust or affect how the patient and practitioner communicate to each other?

As humans, we adapt quickly and having become accustomed to working from home and grown increasingly comfortable with video calls during lockdowns, we found that the answer to all those questions was a resounding “no”. In fact, the added ease and comfort of online therapy has allowed for greater commitment and consistency from clients, or less ‘drop off’ during the therapy process, which overall translates into even better and more sustainable health outcomes.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Therapy?

Despite the initial challenges of getting used to a new way of providing therapy and updating our systems, online therapy has transformed the overall therapeutic experience for clients and practitioners alike, offering unparalleled convenience, comfort, flexibility, and engagement:

Accessible, Convenient Healthcare That Saves You Time & Money

One of the main benefits of online therapy is its enhanced convenience. Sessions are easy to book and can be moulded around busy and changing work schedules or family commitments.

As a clinic, we have been able to reduce certain overheads as a result of this shift and this has allowed us to pass these savings onto our clients by providing the most reasonable fees possible. For our clients, the elimination of travel time and associated costs means therapy which has made therapy more accessible than ever, empowering individuals from all walks of life to prioritise their health and wellbeing.

Comfort & Privacy

Another beneficial aspect of online therapy that is often mentioned by our clients is the extra comfort and privacy of receiving therapy from the familiarity of one’s own home. Physical or psychological discomfort can sometimes prevent people from proactively seeking help with a health condition before it worsens.

By removing the obstacle of having to physically travel or commute to a clinic for an in-person session, online therapy has made people – who would have otherwise been reluctant to take the first steps into therapy – able to talk about their health condition and work with a practitioner more easily. Online sessions provide a relaxed, safe and confidential space for clients to explore and work through their health concerns with greater confidence.

Consistency & Flexibility

Consistency is paramount when striving for improvement in any aspect of life, and achieving your health goals or managing a condition is no exception. It’s a journey that demands time, patience, and dedication. Online therapy enables consistency by offering unparalleled flexibility in scheduling.

With the freedom to attend sessions from anywhere with an internet connection, clients can bypass the time-consuming commute to a physical clinic, eliminating a significant barrier to regular attendance. By reducing obstacles and friction, online therapy promotes continuity of care, empowering clients to maintain consistent treatment and achieve meaningful outcomes, irrespective of their location or circumstances.

Enhanced Engagement & Resources

Digital platforms offer a wealth of resources and tools to enhance the therapeutic experience allowing for a more interactive experience using screen-share and instant messaging during consultations to share important and useful information. Clients can record their sessions which serves as valuable resource for revisiting and reinforcing key insights and strategies between appointments.

We are also experiencing an increasing amount of sessions where couples or family members have been able to attend an online consultation together despite being in different locations; something that which would not have been possible in-person.


At Nutrition Diets, we approach health conditions from a personalised and holistic perspective, considering your unique genetic makeup, environmental exposures, lifestyle factors, and health history:

1) Expert one-to-one therapy
2) Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans
3) Easy, at-home functional testing

We offer thorough clinical assessment and therapy via convenient online consultations. Getting started is simple and free so why not take charge of your health today with our evidence-based strategies that investigate, identify and treat the root cause of your symptoms at their source?

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