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Whenever, wherever suits you.

How does online therapy work?

It’s tailored to your needs and works around your schedule.
Getting started is simple and free.

Free Pre-Consultation

Discuss your health concerns and goals with a practitioner to see if nutritional therapy is right for you. It’s a quick and easy one-time booking. No payment details or further commitment are required.

Initial Consultation

You will receive a digital health questionnaire, food & symptoms diary and consent form. Fill these in and return via email prior to your Initial Consultation for clinical analysis.

During the session, we thoroughly review your health history, diet and lifestyle to establish imbalances and triggers that are contributing to your health condition.

We then design a personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Action Plan according to your specific needs, recommending Functional tests and nutrition supplements if necessary. *

Follow-Up Consultations

We review your progress and make adjustments to your Nutrition & Lifestyle Action Plan and supplement protocol as necessary, ensuring your goals are being met, and your symptoms and health are improving.

functional medicine testing

Functional Test Results Analysis

Comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the data of your Functional test results. We provide you an in-depth explanation of these findings so you can understand what specifically is contributing to your underlying symptoms and present health condition.

This knowledge can then be applied to your Nutrition & Lifestyle Action Plan in a Follow-Up Consultation for more effective and personalised treatment.

* Separate laboratory fees exist for Functional tests. Additional costs will always be explained prior to testing.


Online sessions are comfortable and efficient, saving you time and money.


Discuss your health concerns with a practitioner via phone or video call and find out how we can help.

Anne-Emilie Boucaud
Anne-Emilie Boucaud
Last year I contacted Carmen after a blood test revealed that I was in prediabetes. She helped me understand what was happening and guided me through my diet. Although I am in France we had appointments in visio, very convenient and easy. Now I understand better my metabolism and my blood tests are better than ever! Bye bye diabetes, bloating and discomfort! I even lost 10 Kg in the process!
mackenzie woods
mackenzie woods
Really pleased to have found Nutrition Diets clinic. After explaining my symptoms to Carmen on a call, she recommended a gut microbiome test so we could investigate the causes. She put me on a special food and supplements program to balance my markers which came back as low plus various deficences. Will continue the plan and take another test in 6 months time so we can check progress and compare to my original test but already am feeling much better in comparison to when I first started with most of my symptoms completely gone. Brilliant stuff.
Samantha Scaffidi
Samantha Scaffidi
Working with Carmen was such a fantastic experience. It was the first time in a long time that I felt genuinely heard about my health concerns. We had a comprehensive initial appointment where she listened and walked me through my options. After some consideration, I went forward with testing. I am grateful that I did because, with her guidance, we have a plan in place that has already been showing results. I highly recommend her!
Maria Streeter
Maria Streeter
I highly recommend Carmen. Despite living in the US, Carmen has been able to guide and assist me with my IBS, which I have been suffering from for a long time. Carmen has been the first nutritionist to help me find a solution to my problem. Her professionalism, empathy, and sweetness have been evident throughout my treatment. I am grateful to have found her, and I cannot thank her enough for the help she has provided.
Alesia Parshutsina
Alesia Parshutsina
I ordered a gut health microbiome test through Nutrition Diets. They analysed my test and have helped treat my digestive symptoms with personalised nutrition and lifestyle medicine. I'm really happy with the results and feeling great again. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to improve their gut health!
Nick Satchell
Nick Satchell
Brilliant service from Nutrition Diets. Thanks you to Carmen who has helped me with nutrition and testing to resolve my food intolerances!!
Bradley Pearce
Bradley Pearce
Working with a functional medicine nutritionist has really helped me understand where I was going wrong with my diet and taught me how to make better food and lifestyle choices. Huge thanks to Carmen and Nutrition Diets for all their support and getting me back on track.
With Carmen's support, my eczema and digestion have improved significantly after approx 3 months. Using a combination of food allergy and gut tests, she figured out the cause of my symptoms was a gluten intolerance (which I didn't know about), and also gut inflammation. Since then she has had me follow an anti-inflammation diet and elimination diet, as well as a supplement plan to help promote my gut flora and immune system. Carmen is an expert on gut health and the online consultation process has been seamless - thank you Carmen for all your help.
Matt Cansfield
Matt Cansfield
I had a fantastic experience with Nutrition Diets. With Carmen's expertise and her functional health tests, I have finally been able to understand and treat my food allergies and symptoms. Highly recommend!
Lesley Stead
Lesley Stead
I have been having telephone consultations with Carmen now for just over 1 year now. If I never found Carmen I don’t think I would be where I am now, which in my opinion is very good as you can never get appointments with your own doctor, especially being diagnosed with Mcas (mast cell activation syndrome). Carmen is very knowledgeable and a lovely functional medicine nutritionist who as helped me to overcome my illness, which is very complexed. She does Skype also so you are actually getting a face to face appointment. Carmen puts her patients first always and is very understanding, I would recommend Carmen 100% as she is very passionate in what she does, and she will do her best to help you in anyway. So I would like to say Carmen a BIG Thank you for helping me get to where I am today, if it wasn’t, for you I just don’t think I could of managed this illness on my own. You are one amazing women.❤️

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure if nutritional therapy is right for me. What should I do?

It costs nothing to find out. Book a free 20 minute discovery call or ‘pre-consultation’. It’s quick, easy and there is no commitment or payment required. During the online session, which can be done via phone or video call, you can discuss what’s on your mind with an expert practitioner to see if nutritional therapy is right for you.

How many consultations will I need?

It all depends on your condition, health history and commitment. Restoring health is not a linear process and requires patience as well as dedication.


  • For less serious issues, patients may only require a couple of sessions to feel the benefits. We recommend a minimum of 1-2 Follow-Up sessions after your Initial Consultation.


  • For more complex health issues, more sessions spread over a longer period of time are recommended so that we can monitor your progress more comprehensively. Many patients have been seeing us periodically for several years. Others come and see us once or twice a year for a ‘check up’, like taking a car for a service!

Are consultations online or in-person?

During the pandemic we transitioned to being a completely online clinic, supporting clients in the UK and abroad.


Consultations are conducted via phone or video call whenever and wherever suits you. Online therapy is practical, comfortable and efficient, saving you time and money.

How does Functional Testing work?

Functional tests are advanced diagnostic health tests that cover a broad range of conditions. Most tests can be taken easily by you in your own home. Some tests require blood draw from a practitioner (phlebotomist) which we can arrange for you.


Based on your condition, we book the appropriate test to assess your biomarkers and identify imbalances in your body that may be contributing to illness. The process is simple:


  1. Book a test to your home
  2. Take the test and return it to the lab via post/courier *
  3. The lab processes the test and sends us the results
  4. We translate this scientific data into a report and go through this with you in a follow-up consultation
  5. We use these findings to guide your therapy, implementing it into your Nutrition & Lifestyle Action Plan
* Please note return postage is not included in the cost of the test.

Is my personal data and health information kept confidential?

Absolutely. We operate with total confidentiality and keep your data secure, complying with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


In cases where we need to speak with your GP about a medical issue, we will always seek your prior consent.

What is the refund policy?

Consultations are non-refundable after 14 days from the date of payment, however you can still schedule and use your session at any time that is convenient for you.

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